Cultivating a Creative Ecosystem for Creatives to Thrive in Boston

April 25, 2019 - WeWork Boston

Community is the thing that drives us forward and building community is part of our core mission, so it's only fitting we have this open conversation with you all. We explored how we can harness all of our individual magic into a greater creative community for womxn, driven by womxn, featuring a few of our own favorite creatives.

Statistically, Boston is young and it is female. Yet, in an already underrepresented creative industry in Boston, it is difficult to find a collective voice or space to share ideas, struggles, and accomplishments. This panel, organized and led by Girl Magic Meets, intended to dig into this idea and spark thoughtful discussion among womxn in creative roles who are forging the way for themselves and other creatives to thrive in Boston. How can we start thinking of the creative industry as a creative ecosystem, where community and interaction can be fostered? Discussion revolved around building the groundwork necessary to create an ecosystem in Boston and what platforms can womxn use to share, build, and support each other.


  • Connect with other like minded creatives

  • Inspire each other with stories of personal experience.

  • Discuss how to cultivate an ecosystem that empowers creative collaboration

Featured Panel:

Ally Schmaling (they/she) is a humanist first and a photographer second. Ally acknowledges that representation, particularly self-directed representation, is a practice rooted in power and privilege. Representation is also a tool which, placed in the hands of our most vibrant and vulnerable populations, has the capacity to build our communities and shape our value systems. Ally is particularly dedicated to the documentation and elevation of queer and gender-expansive communities in Boston. Their painterly work aims to express the most dynamic, unapologetic, and expansive “themness” of their subjects. Most recently, their portrait work has been featured in the exhibit "Gender Bending Fashion" at the Museum of Fine Arts in Boston. It is their greatest aspiration to hold a mirror up to others so that they might bear witness to their own power. Ally wants you to know - yes, you - that your experience is valid. You, reading this, are a beautiful and valued presence in this world. Follow her work on IG: @allyschmaling / @life_imitates_fart and online at

Farrah Evita is a being that is constantly searching for knowledge of self and others whilst embracing mental and physical challenges that come her way. She is a front-end web developer, actress, creative director, digital strategist, model and writer that is filled with a slew of innovative ideas. She also is the co-founder of @vita_mins, a consignment shop, where she and her cousin resell pieces given to them by others or from their own wardrobe; they give a 40% cut to those whom sell with them. Her main goal is to be a resource to those who may not have access to resources that can help their brands or their personal selves grow-- physically, socially, mentally, creatively and financially. Sharing is caring is the motto she lives by and that we can all win if it's done with intention and through genuine connections! You can keep up with her on IG: @farrahevita or check out her website:

Madison Trapkin is an Atlanta-bred, Boston-based writer and Founder of GRLSQUASH, a womxn’s food, culture, and art journal. Madison graduated from Boston University’s Gastronomy masters program in December 2018 and is now an Associate Editor at Culture Cheese Magazine. Her work can be found in Culture Cheese Mag, The Boston Globe, and Gather Journal. She is passionate about The Feminist Agenda, pizza, and regularly watering her houseplants. Follow her on IG: @madstrap / @grlsquash.

Nancy Bulma Fields is a photographer and an occasional model based in Eastern Massachusetts. Her hope is to showcase the inner warmth and confidence of the beautiful souls that make up this universe through her work. She is also the co-founder of Suki and Bulma, a team of two mothers who provide styling and photography services. She co-founded Girl Magic Meets, a space where womxn empower each other through collaboration, photography, and sisterhood. Follow her online on IG at: @bulmafields / @bybulma / @sukiaandbulma and

This panel was led and moderated by Brenda Phan. She is a visual storyteller with a background in marketing and architecture. Behind every project is a story and she strives to tell that narrative through different mediums including photography, writing, and design. She also co-founded Girl Magic Meets with Nancy Fields. Follow her on IG at: @bee.phan / and at

Event photography by Abigail Jean (IG: @a.jean_portraits and